University Address

James H. Clark Center
318 Campus Drive West
Stanford, CA 94305


I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University and run the Geometric Modeling Group at the Max Planck Center for Visual Computing and Communication since fall 2015. I am jointly mentored by Leonidas Guibas in Stanford and Hans-Peter Seidel in Saarbruecken.
Previously, I was working as a Software Engineer at the Esri R&D Center in Zurich where I was involved in building web-based 3D GIS applications. I studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Emden and finished my PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) on "Efficient Processing of Plant Life" in the Computer Graphics department at the University of Konstanz, Germany where my advisors were Oliver Deussen and Dorit Merhof.
In the past I was mostly interested in modeling, animating and rendering trees and plants. Today my research interests span from Procedural and Inverse Procedural Modeling, Shape Analysis and Correspondence to Simulation and Animation-based techniques for real-time graphics.
2015 - present Visiting Assistant Professor, Stanford University, USA
2014 - 2015 Software Engineer, ESRI R&D Center Zurich, Switzerland
2013 - 2014 PostDoc, Department of Computer Graphics and Media Design, University of Konstanz, Germany
2008 - 2013 PhD Student, Department of Computer Graphics and Media Design, University of Konstanz, Germany
2011 Research Intern, Microsoft Research, USA
2010, 2011, 2012 Project Coordinator, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), China
2007 - 2008 Software Engineer, Imagineer Systems Ltd., United Kingdom
2006 - 2007 Research Intern, Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLabNZ), New Zealand
2003 - 2007 Student (Computer Science), University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg, Ostfriesland and Wilhelmshaven, Germany